Kerala cuisines

Kerala cuisines are a special treat. Being a land rich with coconut palms, almost all the culinary delights here have use of grated coconut or coconut oil in different forms. Spices like ginger, cardamom, cloves, garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, etc are also lavishly used.Almost all of the spices have medicinal values and are not just for the taste. Most of traditional Kerala cuisines are vegetarian, however you can also find several meat and fish dishes. Some meat items came to Kerala from other parts of India and from outside India and became part of normal Kerala cuisines.

Kerala Breakfast:Breakfast is mostly vegetarian in southern parts of Kerala, while it is a non-vegetarian affair towards the north. Puttu, dosa, iddli, idi appam, appam, etc are the common items for breakfast. Now, you can also see Porotta, chapatti, etc also passed on as breakfast.

Kerala Midday Meals:

This is the most important meal of the day. Boiled rice is the main item, with assortment of vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. Chicken biriyani, mutton biriyani, beef biriyani, egg biriyani and vegetarian biriyani are served in the hotels (restaurants).

Four o Clock Tea/Snacks

A tea and a snack at around four o clock in the afternoon has become an integral part of the lives of majority of Kerala people. The snacks can be vada of a dozen types, pazham pori (banana fry), etc.


Supper is like the midday meals for most of the people. However, some people prefer kanji (boiled rice, without removing the water) as it is soft on digestive system and easy to consume.

This is not the rule of Kerala’s eating habits. There are differences in eating habits from one region to another and the eating habits of the southern Kerala is entirely different from what prevails in other parts of Kerala. There is rich variation in the culinary habits of people of Kerala and this one factor makes this land a paradise for connoisseurs of fine dining.


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