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Alcohol and ayurveda

Tori -national Kerala drink from coconut
Tori -national Kerala drink from coconut

Alcohol – The Opposite of Ojas

The Sanskrit word Ojas meaning “vigor,” is the body’s most pure and subtle essence that’s extracted from food that has been completely digested. Ojas circulates throughout the bodily tissues and heart, sustaining the physical self, bringing clarity to the mind and balancing the emotions.

Alcohol  has light, hot, sharp, subtle, sour,  all pervading, swift, rough, expansive, and drying qualities that are exactly opposite of ojas. Alcohol is absorbed quickly into our blood and permeates to all parts and reaches the heart in no time, affecting the ten qualities of the Ojas. Alcohol has a direct effect on theSaattva (purity of the mind) causing agitation or intoxication, the opposite of bliss, calmness and health that Ojas provides.

Stay in control:

In moderation and with self control, alcohol can promote healthy digestion, stress relief, respiratory benefits and sound sleep. Alcohol has been subscribed as a co-drink with certain Ayurvedic medicines like Trayodashang Guggul and Kankayan Vati butunder a seasoned Ayurvedic practitioner.

If you are a non-alcoholic DO NOT start drinking alcohol thinking of the health benefits. It is for those who are already accustomed to alcohol, and have self control to. There are plenty other ways and means to get the above-said health benefits. Even regular alcoholics should take a break from alcohol for weeks or months to allow the body to recover its balance and health.

Arishtas- The Alternative

As an alternative try Arishtas or herbalized wines that are part of Ayurveda treatment for preventive as well as curative purposes. They are generally delicious and when taken appropriately under guidance of a qualified and knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner provide great health benefits.