Healthy skin

Nurturing Healthy Skin
The procedure for Ayurveda Nurturing Healthy Skin:



The first step in the holistic ayurvedic approach to skin care is finding out your Ayurvedic skin type. Ayurvedic skin types can be classified at the most fundamental level based on the predominance of a single element in the skin. Over time, the original proportions of the five elements in an individual’s skin–the prakriti of the skin–can be disturbed by external influences. Specific imbalances in the skin can be caused by such diverse factors as seasonal changes, elemental aggravation due to improper diet or lifestyle, or mental, emotional, sensual and physical environmental impact such as from pollution, energy vibrations and electromagnetic influences. Hidden allergies, clothing, aromas, food and spices also impact the health and appearance of an individual’s skin. The goal of Ayurvedic skin care is to restore the original prakriti of the skin by bringing back into balance the elements that have become disturbed. The skin’s ability to periodically cleanse and rejuvenate itself and thus maintain its overall health is enhanced with the understanding of all the five fundamental elements that make up the skin. If our skin receives an overload of toxins from the environment, we are impeded in our ability to create ojas, the substance within us that elevates physical, emotional, mental, sensual and spiritual well-being. When ojas levels are low, the shrotas (microchannels) in the physiology become blocked, and toxins take over, creating ill-health in the skin and the physiology. On the other hand, if the communication pathway through the skin is not made receptive to the positive energies from the environment, an important means of providing the physiology with soma and agni is lost. Therapies prescribed under this program refrain microchannels from either clogging or obstructing the vibrational support from the environment to the physiology, thus ensuring that all the elements that make up the skin are supported and nourished.


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