1. The three sub-pillars of health

Ahaar – diet
nidra – sleep
brahmacharya – celebacy

if there is a proper combination of these then a man would remain healthy throughout the life without any problems.

The main pillars of health are vata, pitta and kapha. These have sub pillars as ahaar, nidra and brahmacharya.

Ahaar discussion:
Ahaar AKA diet is the most important factor for health.

MAlnutrition leads to weakness and ailments. There are three types of food as specified in Bhagwad geeta:

  • Rajasik,
  • Satvik and
  • tamasik.

tamasik food:
Leftovers, burnt, dry and foul smell food is tamasik. This creates toxins in the body. Food which is earned through malpractices is also Tamasik.


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