The three doshas enable the spiritual and mental planes of existence to express themselves through the physical body. Vata is in charge of all motion in the body and mind. Everything that moves, from a molecule to a thought, moves because of vata, and every motion of any kind influences every other motion….Pitta is in charge of all transformation in the organism. Digestion of food by the gut, of light by the eyes, and of sensory data by the brain are examples of pitta’s activities. Kapha is the stabilizing influence in the living being. It lubricates, maintains and contains, and its various activities, like those of vata and pitta, are interrelatedwpid-wp-1443264920826.jpeg

THree strengths


There are three types of strength:

  1. sahaja: is the strength which comes from the basic structure of the body. It forms during the gestation period. From the food and naturally. That is sahaja strength.
  2. Kaalaj: is the strength that depends upon the time of the year. Seasons and climate. A person may feel stronger in winters than in summers. This is explained in detail in the previous chapters of this book.

    Apart from seasons, age also comes under this time category of strenth. Strength differs in Childhood, youth and old age.

  3. YUktikrita: the level of strengths that is induced by diet and exercise is yuktikrita.

By proper diet and exercise the strength of the body increases. Eating less and not working out leads to weakness.


DSC_0079Brahmacharya AKA
To protect one’s semen is celebacy. It does not mean that sex is comdemned and not allowed.

To control oneself is included in celebacy. Even if you only “think” about sex that also spoils your celebacy.

Those who engage too much into sexual activities they suffer from fever, weakness, asthma and liver diseases.

People who control, live longer and remain in good health.


1. The three sub-pillars of health

Ahaar – diet
nidra – sleep
brahmacharya – celebacy

if there is a proper combination of these then a man would remain healthy throughout the life without any problems.

The main pillars of health are vata, pitta and kapha. These have sub pillars as ahaar, nidra and brahmacharya.

Ahaar discussion:
Ahaar AKA diet is the most important factor for health.

MAlnutrition leads to weakness and ailments. There are three types of food as specified in Bhagwad geeta:

  • Rajasik,
  • Satvik and
  • tamasik.

tamasik food:
Leftovers, burnt, dry and foul smell food is tamasik. This creates toxins in the body. Food which is earned through malpractices is also Tamasik.

modern medicine-silent killer

DSC_0001The modern medicine quick relief gimmick
Quick relief and modern medicines often come with side effects. In most cases the underlying cause is not cured.

Pain killers example
Pain killers are one of the best examples. Pain killers do not cure the reason why pain is occurring but they change the mind in a way the pain is not felt.

“You cannot clean the house by hiding the dust under the carpet