The best way to increase age is non-violance. The major factor to increase strength is semen. Most important factor for good health is knowledge. MOst important way to have a good memory is judicious use of senses. The best way to be happy is tatva gyaana (knowledge of subjects and religion). The best route to walk on is Celebacy (brahmacharya) .

Oja means the strength and capability of the body. IT is all based on the heart

The purpose of the life is not to attain fame or to get rich BUT it is to make our journey to the almighty happier and comfortable.

We must do everything for happiness for us and everyone else on the planet because we belong to one source. We are one family.

We are one!
The happiness of one man is other’s satisfaction. If there is single soul in the world left unhappy it is our duty to try our best to make him contended


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