Cute Edition office Baduanjin practice together

incredible exercise

Cute Edition office Baduanjin practice together

Cute Edition office Baduanjin practice together


visual animals

Long desk in the office,

Do not forget to relax properly doing the exercise,

Classic Baduanjin start Come!

Dynamic Baduanjin sent from the QQfamily,

Favorites like it up!

↓ first formula : hands care heaven triple burner ↓

↓ second formula : footed like Condor ↓

↓ third type : the spleen and stomach to be a single lift ↓

↓ fourth type: five workers and injured seven backward look ↓

↓ fifth type: chasing its tail to the Firelight↓

↓ sixth formula: hands climb back foot Gushen ↓

↓ seventh formula: save boxing increase strength angry ↓

↓ eighth formula: behind seven extinction Britain riddled ↓

Eight-set, small partners turn up to learn ~

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