DSC_0079The following are the characteristics of Vata-Pitta Prakriti

Of your Vata-Pitta prakriti, Vata predominates your physical traits and Pitta controls your mental traits. This means that you will be thin in build, quick-moving, friendly, and talkative and tend to be more enterprising and sharper of intellect.
You can perform best in works with intelligence but less hard work like Philosophy, Research & Development, Lawyer, Architecture, Sculpture, Designing etc.
You many suffer from early fatigue, hypertension & recurrent skin infection, migraine, motion sickness etc…
Even though you have a good flair for leadership, you may not be able to deliver an effective leadership. You should pay more attention to your anxiety levels. At times your drive for success is very powerful and this often leads to increased stress levels.
The qualities of vata are dry, cool, mobile, light, subtle and rough whereas the qualities of pitta are hot, sharp, acidic, intense and oily. Although you should not completely avoid foods with similar qualities, make sure you do not consume such foods in large quantities.

What you should avoid

  • Avoid extreme chilled and extreme hot items
  • Avoid also fasting & overeating
  • Avoid exposing to chilled climate and sunny days
  • Avoid frozen, deep fried, greasy, highly spiced, salty, acidic and fast foods
  • Avoid stimulating beverages at night.

Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Eat fresh Veg. food in moderate quantity
  • Always eat warm and freshly cooked food
  • Make it a habit to have a fruit or a dessert after your dinner
  • For exercise choose lighter games like badminton or table-tennis, preferably in doubles
  • A slow stroll in a peaceful environment will fetch good health results

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