Sex Power Medicine.How Does It Work?

There are many Ayurvedic medicines for sex power explained in Ayurveda. Now a days Ayurvedic sex medicines are often inquired over the counters of Ayurvedic shops. There are a few notorious herbal manufacturers making spurious herbal products by adding powders of Sildanafil citrate (Viagra). They spend a lot of money into marketing and sad to say these brands become super hit overnight.

But there are numerous authentic Ayurveda products that help in improving sex power. Sexual problems occur in many forms. Similarly, based on the sexual problem, like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, premature ejaculation etc, the choice of Ayurveda medicine has also to be made intelligently.

Critics dismiss all Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs as placebos and they act just because patient believes that it improves sex power. But it is not true.

Successful sexual relationship is achieved by –

good emotional bonding
good emotional bonding
good overall body nutrition
good health
happy state of mind, devoid of fear, depression and anxiety
good erection and orgasm
Here is an overview of the ways in which an Ayurvedic medicine can help you increase sex power.

How does it act?

1. Achieving optimum nutrition to all body tissues –

We have learnt that optimum nutrition of all body tissues is a prerequisite for sex power. (read it here – nutrition and sex). Often, correction of overall nutrition state of the body helps to increase sex power.

2. Relieving depression and anxiety

Depression, anxiety, fear about sex is a common hurdle. Misconceptions about masturbation and sex leads to further disbelief in one’s own sex power. Here, imparting proper knowledge and suggesting ayurvedic medicines to relieve depression and anxiety helps to increase sex power.

3. Improving mind power and control – In many people, lack of control over
mind is a big hurdle for achieving and holding orgasm for a long time. This results in premature ejaculation. For this issue, there are a few herbal medicines which helps to improve mind power and control.

4. Helping in erection – There are several herbs known to improve erection. These are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

5. Improving the quality of semen – Quality of semen is an important part of sexual health and has indirect relationship with sex power.

6. Improving the quality and quantity of sperm – These types of herbs are used in the treatment of infertility.


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