QUESTION: Why should you to go so far to get ayurveda package?



1Kerala is the motherland of AYURVEDA

2.Kerala AYURVEDA uses only fresh herbs which are growing only here in jungles.And can work effectively with your body.

3.Mostly all treatment procedures are developed in Kerala


women tonic-“100 husbands”

Shatavari is a leyham (herbal jam) with a unique blend of 15 herbs in a base of unrefined sugar and ghee. Shatavari, with a literal Sanskrit translation meaning “100 husbands” is considered the foremost rasayana (a rejuvenative for the optimization of health and vitality) for women of all ages. It supports and nourishes the female hormonal & genito-urinary functions. In additon it provides support to the digestion and the immune system while balancing out stress*.

Our unique recipe is based on Vaghbhata’s classical Ayurvedic text, the Ashtangahrudayam.