Elakizhi ayurvedic massagge with fresh herbs

Elakizhi Treatment And Podikizhi Treatment

Under the process of Elakizhi Treatment fresh herbal leaves (amanakutu,tamarind ,eric,garlic,lemon,neemus) or herbal powders are boiled in medicated herbal oil (28herbs) then tied in cotton cloth & hot pack massage given all over the body.

This elakizhi treatment is given to Enhance sport performance. Offered elakizhi treatment rejuvenate the body cells, Improve blood circulation & to increase the range of motion of the joints.

The elakizhi ayurvedic treatment services and ayurvedic podikizhi treatment services are also useful in Arthritis, Backache, Joint Pain, Frozen shoulder, paralysis, numbness etc. Offered elakizhi ayurvedic treatment   is assured for reliable results.We use five sorts of Indian herbs,special oil with 28herbs
ELAKIZHI is super effective classical massage with medicated leaves and oil and is used to tackle joint,spine pain, muscle cramps, stress and arthritis. All the above-mentioned treatments can be done in a perfectly healthy person as well so as to enhance his/her immunity, vitality and longevity of life

Duration  : One hour


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