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Ayurveda packages

— Swasa kasa chikilsa(asthma bronhiale)
— Sukhanidra(insomnia)
— Psoriasis treatment
— Healthy skin
— Panchakarma
— Strengthen mobility
— Relief immunity
— Antiaging-beauty care
— Slimming
— Rejunevation
— Antistress
price 70EUR/DAY
COURSE 7-14-21-28D
Best 21



1st day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil Massage + Herbal Steam bath + Sirodhara

2nd day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath + Sirodhara

3rd day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath + Sirodhara


1st day �Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath

         2nd to 6th day � Pizhichil + Njavarakizhi +    Sirodhara

7th day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath

8th day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath + 


1st day    � Massage + Herbal Steam bath

2nd to 6th day � Podikizhi + kadivasthi + Upanaham

7, 8, 10, 12, 14th day   – Njavarakizhi + Thailavasthi

9, 11,13thday �Abhyangam + Herbal Steambath + Kashayavasthi


1st day  � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal    Steam bath

         2nd to 4th day� Pizhichil +       Siordhara

         5th, 6th day    � Njavarakizhi + Sirodhara + snehavasthi

         7th day         � Abhyangam + Herbal Steam bath + Kashayavasthi

               8th day � Abhyangam + Herbal Steam bath +   Snehavasthi



1st day              � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Steam bath

2nd to 8th day � Powder massage + Herbal Steam bath

9th day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath + Kashayavasthi

10, 11, 13       � Powder Massage + Steam bath

14th day         � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Herbal Steam bath + Kashayavasthi

15th day         � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + herbal Steam bath


1st day                   � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + herbal   Steam bath

2nd and 3rd day   � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Podikizhi + Upanaham

4, 5, 7, 9, 11 days � Podikizhi + Thailavsthi


1st day � Abhyanga with natural Herbal Oil massage +Herbal Steam bath

2nd to 6th day � Abhyanga with natural herbal Oil massage + Podikizhi + Upanaham

7, 8, 10, 12, 14th day � Podikizhi + Thailavasthi

9, 11,13thday � Abhyangam+ herbal Steam bath + Kashayavasthi


1st day � Upanaham + Herbal Steam bath

2nd to 6th day � Avikizhi + Herbal Steam bath

7, 8, 10, 12, 14th day � Njavarakizhi + Thailavasthi

9, 11,13thday �Abhyangam+ Herbal Steam bath + Kashayavasthi


(Oil massage, Steam bath, Abhyangam, Virechanam, Pizhichil,
Sirodhara, Njavara kizhi, Thailavasthi, Kashayavasthi.)



most amazing…

Dalai Lama was asked what his most amazing.
He said:
– Man. At first, he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he spends money on the restoration of health. At the same time he is so worried about his future that never enjoy the present. As a result, he does not live any present or future. He lives as if never die, and dying, regrets that lived.

QUESTION: Why should you to go so far to get ayurveda package?



1Kerala is the motherland of AYURVEDA

2.Kerala AYURVEDA uses only fresh herbs which are growing only here in jungles.And can work effectively with your body.

3.Mostly all treatment procedures are developed in Kerala

women tonic-“100 husbands”

Shatavari is a leyham (herbal jam) with a unique blend of 15 herbs in a base of unrefined sugar and ghee. Shatavari, with a literal Sanskrit translation meaning “100 husbands” is considered the foremost rasayana (a rejuvenative for the optimization of health and vitality) for women of all ages. It supports and nourishes the female hormonal & genito-urinary functions. In additon it provides support to the digestion and the immune system while balancing out stress*.

Our unique recipe is based on Vaghbhata’s classical Ayurvedic text, the Ashtangahrudayam.

Ayurveda & Depression

Meditation has the power to bring balance among physical, mental and emotional domains of an individual thereby ease depression.
Ayurvedic oil massages increases blood circulation, cools and sooths the mind.
Alternative therapy like Shirodhara (allowing a flow of water to fall at the middle of the forehead slowly), Shirobasti and oil massage therapy-Abhyanga is extremely useful for depression.
Diet has great influence for treating depressionDSC_2367

Elakizhi ayurvedic massagge with fresh herbs

Elakizhi Treatment And Podikizhi Treatment

Under the process of Elakizhi Treatment fresh herbal leaves (amanakutu,tamarind ,eric,garlic,lemon,neemus) or herbal powders are boiled in medicated herbal oil (28herbs) then tied in cotton cloth & hot pack massage given all over the body.

This elakizhi treatment is given to Enhance sport performance. Offered elakizhi treatment rejuvenate the body cells, Improve blood circulation & to increase the range of motion of the joints.

The elakizhi ayurvedic treatment services and ayurvedic podikizhi treatment services are also useful in Arthritis, Backache, Joint Pain, Frozen shoulder, paralysis, numbness etc. Offered elakizhi ayurvedic treatment   is assured for reliable results.We use five sorts of Indian herbs,special oil with 28herbs
ELAKIZHI is super effective classical massage with medicated leaves and oil and is used to tackle joint,spine pain, muscle cramps, stress and arthritis. All the above-mentioned treatments can be done in a perfectly healthy person as well so as to enhance his/her immunity, vitality and longevity of life

Duration  : One hour


Is Ayurveda vegetarian?

DSC_2933Is Ayurveda vegetarian?

Ayurveda does not promote complete vegetarianism as non-veg diet has a medicinal significance in Ayurvedic science. Although this diet is advised to be eaten in moderation and only under certain circumstances. Though animal protein in the form of meat is not encouraged as it is not essential for human growth and is also known to increase Tamas mental state.

Mentions in Ancient Indian Text

Charak Samhita, the ancient book of Ayurvedic medicine, provides guidelines on how to eat animal and vegetable products. It mentions about the nutritious role of meat in treating certain diseases or in times of dehydration, weakness or convalescence, but does not recommend routine meat eating.

Patnajali Yoga Sutra, an ancient treatise, emphasises non-violence (Ahimsa) as one of the core values of Ayurveda and negates non-vegetarianism on the basis of ethics and cruelty towards animals.

Satvic way of Life

Humans can maintain their health, balance and longevity, and as well have complete nourishment with pure and balanced vegetarian diet. A balanced diet rich in fresh Satvic foods provides the correct quantities of protein, vitamins and minerals for health, energy & vitality. It has been proved that vegetarians who feast on Satvic diet, and also inculcate the Satvic way of living by following the human morals of health and wisdom, can enjoy longer lifespan, have higher bone density and low incidence of disease as compared to non- vegetarians.

The Final Take

Finally, let us understand that whatever the everyday diet comprises of, it should produce good health and balance the doshas. Beyond the issues of health, ethics, economics, karma or religion, vegetarianism can re-awaken the essence of oneness with the living spirit which is omnipresent and help us largely to live life through compassion and simplicity.

Arishta is herbalised wine

The main herb in this Arishtam

is Gotu Kola, acclaimed in

both the East and West for its

powerful revitalizing effect on

the brain and nervous

system. Saraswati is the

Goddess of Learning and

Wisdom, and as befits its

namesake this nervine tonic is

excellent for students and

other “brain workers,”

promoting intellectual clarity

and sharpness. It is also used

in treating neuroses,

psychoses, epilepsy,

insomnia, stammering,

memory loss and depression.


Sugar, Honey, Bacopa, Gotu kola,

Wild asparagus, Spanish woodbine,

Chebulic myrobalan, Vetiver, Ginger,

Dill, Tailed pepper, Transparent

woodrose, Long pepper, Clove,

Sweet flag, Ashwagandha, Beleric

myrobalan, Tinospora, Cardamom,

Embelia, Cinnamon, Gold.

Recommended use:

1-2 Tbsp./15-30 ml. twice daily.